The Tour Shed

Custom Fitting

Why is custom fitting so important? The significance of custom fitting in golf cannot be overstated for several reasons. Primarily, it enables the tailored setup of your golf clubs exclusively for you. This comprehensive customization...
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Rob Leonard – Head Coach Rob Leonard is our Head Professional at Harpenden Common Golf Club. As a junior he was a member at Harpenden Common and his amateur career highlights were winning the Hertfordshire...
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What are Simulation Sessions? Inside The Tour Shed we various different Golf Courses on our system. You can choose one of these Golf Courses and play it during the Simulation Session. It gives you the...
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What is a Practice session? In The Tour Shed we offer practice sessions. These practice sessions are perfect for during the winter months, after work or when ever the course is closed. During the practice...
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The Tour Shed, The Ultimate Golfing Experience

What is The Tour Shed?

The Tour Shed is a state of the art Golf Simulator, featuring Foresight technology enabaling you to maximise your golf performance through the services we provide. We offer all year round Lessons, Custom Fittings and Simulation sesssions.

Who can use The Tour Shed?

Everyone and anyone! The Tour Shed is built to allow anyone of any ability to enjoy and learn the game. We offer lessons for bigginers and players at the highest level. We want to make sure everyone feels welcome.

Where is The Tour Shed?

We are located at Harpenden Common Golf Club where we have a fully stocked Pro shop offering all the lastest golf products from Clubs to trolleys, clothing, balls, grips and much more.

The Tour Shed Team!