The Tour Shed


What is a Practice session?

In The Tour Shed we offer practice sessions. These practice sessions are perfect for during the winter months, after work or when ever the course is closed. During the practice session you have full use of the Foresight range. This enables you to analysis and review all your own data shot after shot.

You can also take your practice to the next level by starting to understand your own data and teach yourself what you’re doing right and wrong. This will enable you to practice more efficiently by working on the areas you know you need to improve on.


Only £15 for 30 minutes

Add On

  • Add Foresight dots for extra features such as, Club Head Speed, and Club Face Data, £3 Per Club
  • Loft and Lie check/move if needed, £3 Per Club
  • Re-Gripping Service starts from £8 Per Grip (including fitting)