The Tour Shed

Club Repairs

Here at The Tour Shed we offer a wide range of repair servises. Check out what we offer below…


We offer a huge range of grips in the shop, we will always aim to re-grip your clubs while you wait. One grips takes less than a couple or minutes to change, we can easiy re-grip a whole set in less than 30 Minutes. Come to the number 1 re-gripping hub.

  • Irons and woods start from £10 Per Grip, including installation.
  • Putter Grips start from £15, including installation. (SuperStrokes start from £35)


We can also replace shafts in your irons, wedges, putters and woods. We can match shafts or go for the closest option. We can replace into brand new shafts or second hand cheaper options. For certain clubs/shafts they will need sending back to the main brands, we can also arrange for this service as well. For example if your Ping iron shaft breaks and you want the exact match we can send this club back to Ping for Re-shafting.

  • Standard Iron/Wedge Reshaft, From £45
  • Standard Wood Reshaft, From £60
  • Brand Reshaft, From £90
  • Club Extension £20, Steel only

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